Want to save money – and the planet?

Want to save money – and the planet?

Working together, we really can save the world.

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Together we can change energy forever

Together we can change energy forever

Group action can have a big impact on the planet and your energy bills.

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Choose the option with the biggest impact

Choose the option with the biggest impact

We have extensive insider knowledge of the industry to help you make the best decision.

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Don’t do a Dodo!

Clubbing together to fight climate change

When it comes to going green, do you worry about:

  • how to make a limited budget have the biggest possible environmental impact?
  • who you can trust to give you accurate, actionable advice?
  • how anything you do could ever make a worthwhile difference?
  • how you can afford it?
  • how to collaborate with others so as to share the effort and experience?
  • how to make a start?

If so, you are not alone. Subscribe up for free to our newsletter to learn the power of collective action. And, when you’re ready, have a look at how Don’t Do A Dodo aims to make a difference through our Local Carbon Clubs.

Everywhere we go, we meet with people who want to fight climate change – but don’t know how.

We want to show you it’s not that difficult when we all come together.

And we can all save a lot of money on our energy bills by doing so.

By buying as a community, we can secure tremendous group discounts that make our money go further and make far more of a difference to the environment.

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And check out our latest views on the most affordable green energy solutions…

Our Work

Recent Articles

We aim to show you how to fight climate change – within your means. In recent articles, we’ve been exploring:

  • the power of collective action
  • the choices available to you and their potential impact
  • what we can all do to make a difference.

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From lifestyle to household decisions.

Our Team

Who we are

Don’t do a Dodo was founded by Charles Bradshaw-Smith and Nigel Timperley, who share over four decades of high-level energy industry experience.

Karishma Raimalani and Sam Baker have recently joined to help develop the Don’t Do A Dodo product set.

We’re looking for input from anyone and everyone who cares about the future of the planet! So feel free to chip in with your ideas by dropping us a line.





Alternatively, you can read more about us and the dodo’s sorrowful plight here.