Welcome, friends and family!

Thank you for volunteering to trial the Don’t do a Dodo club buying service.

It allows groups of people (we call them ‘Local Carbon Clubs’) to club together and collectively buy energy-saving products.

Whether that’s by bulk buying a batch of LED light bulbs for everyone on your street, or by sharing information on the radical impact of swapping a second car for an e-bike, we hope to find that clubbing together with neighbours is the missing piece in the global warming prevention jigsaw.

We’d like you to do three things and provide feedback on them all.

1. Sign-up and view offers in the ‘national club’

  • The ‘national club’ is what all visitors to the web portal will join. Here, you will find offers on commodity items like LEDs.
  • To sign-up, click here
  • Submit feedback using this form.

2. Join a ‘local carbon club’

  • ‘Local carbon clubs’ are groups of members living in the same region. This is why we ask you to provide a postcode upon signing up in the web portal. Offers on e-bikes and loft insulation rolls will be listed for club members to buy at discounted rates.
  • Why should you join a local carbon club, as opposed to just sticking with national club offers? We’ve written about it here.
  • Submit feedback using this form.

3. Request to form a local carbon club (optional)

  • If no club in your area exists, you can request for one to be created by the admins (i.e.: us). We may contact you directly to discuss specific details.
  • Submit feedback using this form

Of course, you won’t be asked to actually buy any products.

All offers will be dummies, and orders will include mock payments only. But watch this space if you are indeed swayed by anything you see here.

As for how to use the service? That’s up to you to work out. In the meantime, we have written a number of articles on some green solutions we will offer. 

For more information on how the service works, see this short blog.

We will be in touch after about a week to see how you got on. Until then, happy trialling!

Charles, Nigel, Karishma & Sam

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