What did the dodo do wrong?

Humans have much in common with dodos. Like us, they never had a natural predator. Having subsequently never adapted any defence mechanisms against hunters, they gained the reputation of biological clumsiness. For one thing, they were flightless. They were also said to possess a naive fearlessness in the face of Dutch and Portuguese colonisers in the 17th century, when the […]

Radiator free Europe: understanding the world of heating efficiency

Warning! Efficient central heating controls are excruciatingly interesting! Proper configuration of central heating controls is one of the biggest green improvements anyone can make to a home. For many households, it doesn’t even require that much, if any, money. Whether gas, LPG or oil-fired, any central heating system can be optimised by equipping it with a room thermostat, a timer […]

E-bike gum!

It is no exaggeration to say that, should they appeal to the public, electric bikes (e-bikes) will revolutionise green commuting. The Green Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic will have to leave petrol and diesel on history’s highways if we are to make any meaningful change to the environment. The lack of a feasible alternative for the ⅔ of working adults […]

Re-wired up, ready to go! Energy efficiency of household appliances

The Great British public love their gadgets. This is especially true when their tech claims to be joining the ranks in the fight for Mother Earth. Understandably, however, the dry details concerning the energy efficiency of household appliances is seldom a hot topic for conversation. This lack of interest becomes less understandable when you consider the amount of electricity needlessly […]

Follower not a LEDer? Time to do both.

Got a few minutes? That’s how long it takes to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Replacing existing light bulbs with light emitting diode (LED) bulbs is, almost certainly, the easiest thing anyone can do to make their home more eco-friendly. But many don’t understand why. Having a name in the foreign language of science acronyms doesn’t exactly make […]

Around the world in 80 ways: A guide to green travelling

As the world continues to shrink, many globetrotters are now wondering how they can reduce the size of their carbon footprint from travel. The biggest worry is flying. Flying is simply the single most damaging mode of transport there is. A return trip from London to New York emits more greenhouse gas than the CO2 saved in an entire year […]