Around the world in 80 ways: A guide to green travelling

As the world continues to shrink, many globetrotters are now wondering how they can reduce the size of their carbon footprint from travel. The biggest worry is flying. Flying is simply the single most damaging mode of transport there is. A return trip from London to New York emits more greenhouse gas than the CO2 saved in an entire year […]

Renewable Energy Supply – an easy way to go green?

The UK’s energy industry is in the throes of a dramatic transition and it’s all down to three words: renewable energy supply. In 1990, a whopping 75% of the UK’s electricity came from coal.  Contrast that with 2019, when just 2.1% of it did and zero-carbon energy became the country’s largest power source for the first time since the Industrial […]

So how does club buying work in practice?

And why are we at Don’t Do A Dodo so keen on clubbing together to fight climate change? Quite simply, because it’s the best way for homes and families to get great value while protecting themselves from poor suppliers and products. Let me outline the approach and then explain why it’s so powerful. Don’t Do A Dodo target the most […]