Green products you can easily install yourself

We’ve identified half a dozen simple green products you can easily install yourself that will very quickly make a big difference. They’re generally extremely inexpensive but that doesn’t mean they don’t make an impact. On the contrary, these are some of the important things you can do: renewable energy supplyLED lightingenergy-efficient appliancese-bikesloft insulation (if the loft is easily accessible) But […]

Fit and forget

There are also lots of green measures with quick installation that will reduce your bills and carbon emissions. They won’t cost the earth but they will help to save it! central heating controlssmart heating controlscavity wall insulationloft insulationsolar thermalsolar power diverters All these items will involve an initial installation but, once that’s done, they usually prove to be maintenance-free: hence […]

Be a smart operator

The most advanced green items tend to need bespoke design and an ongoing operational relationship with a specialist supplier or maintenance specialist. These items are typically dearer but will make a bigger difference, both to your energy bill and your carbon output. So ask yourself whether it’s worth considering some of the easier (and cheaper!) self-install and ‘fit and forget’ […]