Grassland Hasmoor Futures – Community Solar Offer

Grassland Hasmoor Futures – Community Solar Offer

Don’t Do A Dodo Ltd have teamed up with the folks at Grassland Hasmoor Futures, to come up with a fantastic offer for local householders looking to get solar installed on the roof of their home.

The idea is that, by clubbing together, we can secure fantastic discounts on solar panels, and so fight back against the ridiculous energy prices we are all having to deal with.

All you have to do to find out more – with no obligation to buy – is pop your details below, and the guys at Grassmoor Hasland will be in touch for a chat.

But don’t hang around… this is a limited time offer and we may have to say No to a few people if we’re over-subscribed.


The Don’t Do A Dodo Team.