How it works

So, how can you save money with Don’t do a Dodo?

At Don’t Do A Dodo, we secure great discounts by bulk-buying leading green products for our club members. We call this “club buying“.

Getting involved is straightforward wherever you are in the UK. There are just a few simple steps and you can start immediately.

  1. Click here to get started. It’s quick, easy and free.
  2. Check out the Local Carbon Clubs in your area and join the nearest one. Or you can ask us to start one where you live.
  3. Take a look at your Local Club’s offers and notice the great discounts from being part of a club. National offers work the same way.
  4. When you find an offer that’s right for you, just place your order.
  5. Take delivery of your new product and settle up with your supplier. Sales commission on the order is shared between you, the buyer, and Don’t do a Dodo Ltd.
  6. Write a quick review of your supplier – then check out your next club offer!
Club Buying
Club Buying (click to enlarge!)

It really is that simple. And, by buying as part of a club, you know you’re making a real difference to the environment.

It’s far more effective than acting alone, plus you get to save money and create opportunities for local suppliers. It’s a real win-win for everyone. For more information on why we think clubbing together is the best way forward to combating climate change, take a look at some of these articles.

So don’t do a dodo and delay.

Click here now to make a start and check out the current offers.

Nigel and Charles

ps if you’re a supplier, plumber, electrician, solar panel installer or similar… why not get in touch to talk about how Don’t Do A Dodo could send you lots of new sales leads?