Our Current Club Buying Offers

Here at Don’t Do A Dodo, we update our current club buying offers all the time.

Our club offers are designed to help you lower your energy bill and carbon footprint in a super-affordable way. Because the discounts keep growing as more friends and neighbours join in.

June/June 2021 – Free Solar Panels Survey from Homeco Energy

Our current club-buying offers in the Chesterfield area are brought to you in partnership with Homeco Energy of Sheepbridge, Chesterfield.

Homeco are offering a free, no-obligation survey to see if solar panels will work for you and your home.

Homeco Energy - Experts in domestic solar installation
Homeco Energy – Experts in domestic solar installation

Free, no-commitment survey of your home for solar photovoltaic panels. Order a free survey from local supplier Homeco Energy, who will then quote you for solar photovoltaic panels on your home.

Part 1 of our 2 stage photovoltaics offer. Once you have your quotation, you can use it to place an order. And the more people in Chesterfield who sign up, the cheaper your final installation will be. This can lead to amazing savings, such as a typical 4kW system for a breakthrough price of under £1 per watt. If we get enough sign-ups, a system of this size could cost you as little as £3,360, fully installed.

Chesterfield Solar Offer
Chesterfield Solar Offer

At Don’t Do A Dodo, we’re celebrating the launch of our Chesterfield Local Carbon Club with this fantastic offer on solar photovoltaic panels, to help you generate your own power from the sun. Solar photovoltaics help you reduce your energy bill and your carbon emissions at the same time. Even better, using solar power gives you valuable insurance against rapidly rising electricity prices. They could prove to be a very wise investment.

Together with Homeco, we’re now able to offer amazing discounts on solar panels, through the power of club buying. So what are you waiting for?