Our partnership with Sheffield University and Santander Bank

Don’t Do A Dodo Ltd is the brainchild of two experienced energy professionals, Charles Bradshaw-Smith and Nigel Timperley, as explained here. But it would not have been possible without the assistance of Sheffield University and Santander Bank plc.

Made in Sheffield

Sheffield University
Don’t Do A Dodo has been built with the help and support of Sheffield University

Two of the four members of our team are Sheffield University graduates whose role on the project has been made possible by the University, who found them for us, and supported them on the journey:

Sam BakerSam Baker has built huge chunks of the Don’t Do A Dodo website and participated in production of YouTube videos and social media.



Karishma Raimalani

Karishma Raimalani has led the development of the group buying software that our Local Carbon Clubs now use to secure fantastic deals for members.

The Social Sciences department at the University is also helping us to optimise the Local Carbon Clubs themselves, so that they work as effectively as possible, to deliver the best possible outcome for members.

Banking on Santander

Santander Bank
Grant funding from Santander Bank helped fund the technical build of Don’t Do A Dodo’s Website and Club Buying System

We also would like to thank the Santander Bank for providing grant funding for the technical build phase of our project.

Without the Bank’s generous assistance, we would not have been able to bootstrap our project to build the carbon-fighting machine that Don’t Do A Dodo is becoming.

Nigel Timperley and Charles Bradshaw-Smith