Terms and Conditions

Member terms & conditions at Launch

Terms and Conditions v1.0 10 June 2021

The following are the terms and conditions by which Don’t Do a Dodo Ltd offer its services to people and small businesses that follow our website www.dontdoadodo.com and register with our offer portal https://offers.dontdoadodo.com.

Purpose and Service of Don’t Do a Dodo Ltd

We exist to help busy people and small businesses buy sustainable products and services to combat climate change.  What’s different about Don’t Do a Dodo is that we do this as a community in order to get better deals while supporting each other and local retailers and suppliers.  We believe humanity needs to do this together in order not to go the same way the Dodo did!

We are, therefore, community orientated and we’re starting by running a trial in Chesterfield where we are based.  Can we make community buying work?  Can we help focus on important actions at a value price? Will our members help spread the word so we act together at scale?  These are our aims, starting small and growing offer by offer; and then town by town.

Our Services

We focus on saving energy – that’s the biggest challenge and what we know!  Our website has an offer portal that provides carefully selected suppliers and their products at fair prices.  We work with the supplier to give community discounts based on the volume of orders we generate.  We encourage the use of social media to spread the word and so get more sales and bigger discounts.  

We also publish well informed blogs that discuss facts and advice about the main opportunities we all have to reduce our carbon and costs in meeting government’s 2050 sustainability targets.

We act as an introducer to suppliers and their products following our selection process.  The sales contract as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015 is between the member and the supplier and not Don’t Do a Dodo Ltd. We take a small commission from the supplier that pays for our community outreach and website costs.  We ask you for supplier and product reviews in order to benefit others and ensure the best suppliers get the follow on business they deserve.  Without them we can’t help the UK’s 25 million homes go low carbon.

Once we have run the trial, our intention is to create local carbon clubs across the UK as non-profit community interest companies with a simple purpose of helping each locality to become zero carbon.

Data Protection

We take our responsibility for your data very seriously. We capture the minimum personal data as required.  We are GDPR compliant and registered with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.   Our full privacy policy can be found here.